Submission of the paper and the ghostwriting / guest authorship firewall

In order to observe the rules of the academic world, including the principle of fair play, as well as to ensure the highest standard of texts possible, the Board of Editors has decided to implement a procedure to ensure the originality of academic papers.


In order to submit a text, each person is obliged to complete a submission form which includes a declaration aimed at putting a firewall against ghostwriting (ghostwriting means that somebody else in addition to the author has contributed to the publication, but their name is not mentioned as one of the authors) and guest authorship (guest authorship means that a listed author’s contribution to a work is negligible or nil, yet they are listed as the author or a co-author of a publication).


The submission forms should be scanned and emailed to the editors. Papers sent without a properly completed and signed submission form shall be deemed not to have been duly submitted and as such shall not be considered for further publication procedures.


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