Guidelines for authors


  1. The submitted manuscripts must not exceed 1 publisher’s sheet (40,000 characters, including spaces and footnotes), or 9000 characters if the text is a review.
  2. Manuscripts should be submitted in both print and in electronic form (either using a storage device or via e-mail – in .doc and .pdf format.
  3. A brief summary in Polish and English (about 1500 characters) and the key words (in both English and Polish) should be attached to the manuscript.
  4. A note about the author, his/her mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, name and address of the research institution should be attached. If the manuscript is part of a funded research project, information about the sources of funding should be included. If a manuscript is a co-authored paper, the contribution of each author should be indicated.
  5. A statement confirming that the submitted paper has not been sent to any other editorial office should be attached.
  6. The time limit for author’s corrections is seven days. If proofs are not returned by this deadline, the editors will send their own corrected proofs to the typesetter.
  7. Authors shall not receive any remuneration for publishing in the “Santander Art and Culture Law Review”.
  8. Materials that were not ordered will not be returned.
  9. By publishing in “Santander Art and Culture Law Review”, the authors agree that papers will be archived in the applicable archives and databases with which “Santander Art and Culture Law Review” collaborates.

Editorial rules


  1. Text files should be saved as .doc (Word 97 or more recent) and .pdf (Adobe Reader) files. Authors should provide the editorial office with an electronic version of the manuscript (using continuous pagination), containing the main text, footnotes, final graphics, tables, and collations. The content should be identical in both formats. Page numbering should be at the bottom of the page (footer), right-justified; the font should be 12 pt, Times New Roman; and the text should be justified, with 1.5 line spacing and 2.5 cm margins.
  2. Only typographic quotation marks are allowed. Opening and closing quotation marks should not spaced from the text to which they apply. Authors should not use double commas and apostrophes instead of quotation marks. Fragments of a quoted text left out of the quotation should be indicated by an ellipsis placed in square brackets.
  3. Tables should be filled using 11-point Times New Roman font, with 1.5 line spacing. Authors should not use bold font in headers. Numerical data should not be justified using spaces and tabulators. Illustrations and tables should be incorporated into the text, and should be numbered. Titles should be placed above tables, while captions should be placed under illustrations. The source should be mentioned under each illustration or table. 
  4. “Santander Art and Culture Law Review” uses footnotes. Reference lists should be attached separately. In the footnotes please follow the catalogue records adopted for the journal:
  • initials of the author’s first name + surname name; 
  • in the case of co-authored works with more than four authors – only the name of the first author and “et al.” shall be given (i.e. S. Nowak et al.);
  • title of the publication in italics;
  • title of the journal (without abbreviations) in quotation marks;
  • title of the series without quotations marks;
  • in the case of a multiple-author work: first name initial and surname of the editor followed by “ed.”; 
  • in the case of dictionaries and encyclopaedias: the title of the publication followed by the surname of the editor;
  • the Publisher;
  • date (year) and place of issue; 
  • the page numbers of the quoted page(s), e.g “p.1” or pp. 3-18”;
  • when referring to an aforementioned work: ibidem;
  • when referring to two or more works by the same author: idem (when the author is male), or eadem (when the author is female);
  • when referring to the same publication in a different footnote: op. cit;
  • when referring to a different publication by the same author: initial + surname, the beginning of the title in italics, followed by an ellipsis.
Editorial Board SAACLR Kazimierz Wielki University Library
ul. Karola Szymanowskiego 3, 85-074 Bydgoszcz, Poland