Review procedure

After preliminary verification of a paper, the Board of Editors will send it to the editor responsible for that particular area of expertise. This subject editor designates two reviewers for each paper and forwards these proposals to the Board of Editors.
According to the guidelines on the review procedure published by the Minister of Education of 2 June 2015 on the criteria and manner of evaluation to be implemented by scientific journals, each publication is reviewed by at least two independent reviewers with institutional affiliations other than that of the author. The identity of the author or authors of the manuscript is never disclosed to the reviewers and vice versa (a double-blind review process).

In applicable situations, the reviewer must sign a declaration that he/she has no conflict of interest. A conflict of interest is understood as a situation whereby there is a direct personal relationship between the reviewer and the author (up to the second degree of kinship, or matrimonial bonds), or there is a reporting relationship between these persons, as well as a situation in which the parties have been involved in research cooperation within two years prior to the preparation of the review.

The reviewers receive texts with the author’s surname deleted and review questionnaires (which are available on our website). As required by law, a list of all reviewers is published on the journal's website. However, the names of reviewers of specific articles are not revealed. The review questionnaire consists of several questions on the basis of which the reviewers give the paper a mark on a scale of 1 to 5 points. There is also space provided for a description and a conclusion in which the reviewers must express their recommendation as to whether the paper should be published or rejected by the journal. Except as provided below, two positive reviews are needed for a paper to be published.


Having received two positive recommendations, the text is accepted for publication and proofreading, which is done by a professional editor. Finally, the edited and proofread text is sent to the author for final approval. In the case of only one positive review, the Board of Editors decides whether to publish the paper, or to obtain the opinion of another reviewer. Two negative reviews exclude the manuscript from being published in the journal.

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