Santander Art&Culture Law Review (EN)

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The Santander Art and Culture Law Review is a bi-annual journal. Its primary objective is to offer both Polish and foreign authors the opportunity to present their research, and offer readers the opportunity to read papers by both groups of authors. Thus the Editorial Board has decided that each odd-numbered issue of the journal is published in Polish, and each even-numbered issue in English. In order to provide cross-access, the papers published in the Polish language issues will include a summary and the key words written in English.


The Editorial Board will ensure that the journal is published in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Minister of Science and Higher Education in the Act of 2 June 2015 on the criteria and the mode of evaluation of academic journals, the requirements of which are aimed at achieving the highest possible quality of scientific publications. The list of reviewers will be published once a year on the journal’s website. The criteria of qualification and disqualification of texts for publication, as well as the review questionnaire, are available on the journal’s website.




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